Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where There's Smoke There's Flavor

I have been doing a lot of BBQ lately and find that I love the taste of a charcoal grill but prefer the convenience of a gas grill.  The solution to my problem is very simple I add wood chips to my gas grill to add flavor.

Smoking Wood Chips for Gas Grill
  • Purchase wood chips in the grill section of your local hardware store.  I like cherry.  Use chips that are made for grilling other chips may be treated with chemicals.
  • Place a handful of chips in a disposable foil tin (I used a mini loaf pan) or empty can from tuna or other small can good.
  • Add water then strain it off.  Pinch the foil pan shut or cover the can with foil and poke holes in the top (a packet may also be made from foil).  Make sure there is a hole or a vent for smoke to escape.
  • Place tin or can in on grill grate and close the lid while grill is preheating.  It will begin to smoke as the water evaporates from the wood chips.
  • Grill food with cover closed to achieve the best flavor!

Adding flavor to basic burgers!!

Hamburger Grilling Tip:
When making homemade hamburger patties press a thumb print into the center. This will prevent fat centers and the burgers will cook more evenly.

Basic Hamburger Recipe
1 pound ground beef or turkey
3 tablespoons BBQ Sauce
1 tablespoon your favorite seasoning mix or Dry Italian Dressing Mix
1 egg

Combine all ingredients and hand pack into 4-6 patties. 
The BBQ sauce and egg help maintain moisture especially if you are using turkey, venison or grass fed beef.  I also freeze the patties for an hour or refrigerate overnight.  This helps them hold together better.

Have great week!
Take it one prep at a time!!
Chef Jackie

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