Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Printables

As Halloween approaches I have begun working on our annual Halloween party.  I will also be doing a Halloween segment on Fox 2 Detroit October 20th with Chef Kelli from Pure Food 2u .  Both these events require a that I do some research for free Halloween printables.  I might be able cook but I stink at the decoration and the packaging end of things. My sister Kim from Plumberry Pie is great at the little details that make a party cool.  I am more a big picture kind of girl and concentrate on the food. I spent this weekend looking for free Halloween printables and this is what I found.  The below links were the easiest to access and use. I hope this will save you some time as you prepare for your own Halloween festivities.

The first two links are fellow bloggers so I wanted to recognize them right away.  Some times you have to look out for us little guys and make sure credit is given where credit is due.

Tip Junkie led me to many other great blogs and websites.  It was quick and painless.  What a great Halloween resource!
Craft Interrupted was my favorite site that her site led me to. 
Great job you guys!  I loved everything you had to share.

Okay now for the big guys.  My favorite large companies that have great ideas and printables are Better Homes and Gardens and Family Fun.

Happy Haunting!

Chef Jackie

If you are interested in a healthy Halloween Cookbook check out my REAL Halloween eCookbook co-written with Dr.Sue and Angelle from Get REAL for Kids.

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