Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Treat Bags

I got this idea from It is what it is and made it using a different technique.  I am not a techy (spelling) so I enlisted my sons help.  Clearly I can't spell either!  Hear is what we made and how we did it.

 Creating the Images-no special program or skills needed!  Believe me I am low-tech.
  • First we went to Google images and picked some free clip art. 
  • Then we copied it to a word document and change the paper settings to 5 x 10 inches. 
  • We clicked on the image then clicked on format on the tool bar. Then we clicked text wrapping and clicked on square.  This allowed us to move the picture.  Not sure if we needed this step but he was in charge of the technical support for this project so I just went with it. 
  • We dragged the clip art down towards the bottom of the page and re-sized it by pulling the little circle from the corner so the image would increase in size without it becoming distorted.  Carson taught me that.  I always pulled from the sides and had funky looking images.  Great tip Carson!

Preparing the Bags
  • We taped the flap edge down so it would not get stuck in the printer.  I know its hard to see.
  • We cut the jagged edge from the top to make a clean edge to feed through the printer.

Printing the Bag
  • We fed the straight edge through the printer with tapped side facing the printer. 
  • We could only print one at a time.  I would load then he would press print.  Then we would do the next one.  We are not sure why the image print correctly when we fed the paper (lunch sack) upside down.  Every printer is different so this may take a few tries to get your image to print where you want it.  You might need to move the image to the top of the paper and turn it upside down.  We have a few misprints that we will actually use as lunch sacks. LOL!

Finishing the Treat Bags
  • After printing we gently removed the tape and filled the bags. Then we folded them down one inch towards the image and then fold down again another inch.   
  • We punch  two holes through the folds about one inch apart.
  • We cut a 13 inch piece of ribbon and threaded it through the holes starting in the front through the back and through the front again. 
  • We turn the bag upside down and tied the bow.  This made the bow lay correctly.  We trimmed any excess ribbon.
We loved this so much that we made a few different designs.

I would like to thank Carson and his Media Arts teacher Ms. St. Pierre.  She taught him so many great things.  Now I have my own Tech guy right here at home.
Yeah me!
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