Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Party's Over

Our 19th annual Halloween party is over.  The Tigers were playing and it it was freezing so not too many people watched the movie outside but the party was still a hit.  The party will always take care of itself so I have learned to just go with the flow.

We used a projector and a screen to post updates from the game.  Bob hung a 8x12 foot painters tarp from the house and use his portable Bose speakers for the sound system.  It wasn't perfect but for 6 bucks the screen was pretty sweet.

I asked neighbors to bring portable fire pits and wood to keep people warm.  The adults seem to party outside while the kids partied inside. Surprising huh?
We now have more older kids than young ones so not to many people dressed in costume.  As a result I will make a few changes next year.

Here are some pictures...

We served popcorn and movie candy.  Hot dogs are in the green cooler to stay warm.  Perfect meal for a movie or a ball game.  The candy disappear first.  Bummer I wanted to give it away on Halloween.  My mistake.
Carson wrapped the water bottles in a swamp water label. Believe it or not nobody would drink it until I assured them it was just water.  We also served cider and hot chocolate.
These cupcakes put me on the map when I was first starting out as a pastry chef so I always serve them when requested.  I still had people texting me this morning to get some to eat today. 
I added glow sticks to our planters and flower arrangements.  Even our fall centerpiece.  A package of 15 cost a dollar and lasted all night.  I got them from the target dollar section.  A lot of bang for my buck.  Bad photo, I know I must have had some adult swamp water by the time I took the photo.
Paula brought this amazing puking pumpkin filled with spinach dip!  Thanks Paula!
Looked even better as the night continued.


After Thoughts...

After each event I write down notes and put them in my monthly excel spread sheet.  Our party is always in October so I will place these notes there for next year.
  • No candy-everyone forgets to eat the REAL food
  • Have a fall party and not a Halloween one.  No one dresses up anymore and hopefully we will have better weather if I move the date up.
  • Serve popcorn in a bowl with bags on the side.  No one opened the bags.
  • Serve only hot chocolate the cider did not go.
  • Serve marshmallows and not whipped cream with the hot chocolate.  I forgot that whipped cream is a toy.  Silly me.
  • Disconnect all electronics so everyone has to go outside to run around to keep warm.

 Next Year's Plan

  • Chili Cook Off -adults
  • Cookie Cook Off-kids
  • Prize for each winner plus bragging rights
  • I will supply the water, hot chocolate, chili fixing's, bowls and silverware.
  • Serve a fruit and cheese platter or meat and cheese roll ups for guest who do not like chili.
  • Start the movie on time even if know one is watching
  • Borrow fire pits again 
  • Spray paint a wooden spoon (kids) and ladle (adults) gold for the the winners and attach a gift card.  Even after I buy the gift cards I will probably save money because everyone else will be doing the cooking.  Hee Hee!
    Take it One Prep at a Time,
    Chef Jackie


  1. Cute ideas for next year and great notes from this year. Really like the glow sticks in the centerpieces and the puking pumpkin was a nice touch by Paula! :)

  2. Hopefully you can come next year with the date moved up. I stole the glow sticks from you. So THANK YOU!

  3. Testing send a comment to myself to make sure my settings are correct.