Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Trick or Treat S'Mores Bar

Halloween is so much fun in my neighborhood.   I usually walk down the street and pass out candy with my friend Susan. The guys and our kids hit the streets to get the loot.  Although our kids like trick or treating they really do not eat very much candy.  This of course I do not understand because as a kid that was the all I wanted to do was dress up and run around getting candy.  I would keep some, trade some and give some away.  Well with so much left over candy I have had to come up with places to donate it and different ways to use it.  We have made center pieces and graham cracker houses.
Today I want to share with you how to make a ...

Indoor/Outdoor S'more Bar
1 heat proof container (found mine in the paint section of the hardware store)
garbage bags (this makes the container lighter and easier to move)
rocks or gravel
1 or more gel chaffer fuels (used for catering and sold at large grocery stores)
assorted leftover candy
graham crackers
bamboo skewers
Place bags in the bottom of the container.  I used a galvanized bucket.  I like the look.  Plus it has a handle so it is portable.  Top with foil followed by the rocks.  Nestle chaffer fuel in the center.  It is that easy.  You can make this is big as you want.  Works great as a table-top center piece or as a dessert station at a graduation.  The ideas and styles are endless.

Take it One Prep at a Time,
Chef Jackie

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