Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chef Kelli's Leftover Feast

Chef Kelli has graciously shared some of her fun ideas for giving leftovers to her guests at the holidays and other yummy dishes to make with leftovers.
Mason Jars:
Layer most anything such as; turkey stuffing, leftover veggies and potatoes in a Mason jar. Be sure to put gravy in the bottom of the jar so it packages nice without dripping and smearing.  Mason jars are oven and microwave safe.
Black Friday Grill Cheese:
Brie cheese and cranberry relish melted until gooey on sour dough or your favorite bread.  Cook on a Panini maker or grilled cheese style in a pan. Add turkey to make it a hearty sandwich!
Pilgrim Slider:
Leftover; turkey meat, stuffing and a smear of fruit chutney served on soft dinner style rolls
Everything Quesadilla:
Shredded turkey, leftover veggies a few tablespoons of salsa and some cheese such as monetary jack; fill fold and grill until golden
Funky Black Friday Hand Pies
You can wrap just about anything in Danish or puff dough and come up with a festive & flavorful treat! Cut 2 inch circles with biscuit cutters from your favorite dough (I like the Danish dough) and fill with all sort of cooked foods a few ideas might be:
· Turkey with cranberry sauce (a smidge of each)
· Turkey with stuffing and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese
· Turkey with finely cut leftover veggies and mash potato with a pinch of gravy
· Mash potatoes with a sprinkle of your favorite cheese
· Cranberry or chutney with brie or a smidge of goat cheese
Place one two inch pastry circle on flat service, mound a teaspoon or so of your items, place 2nd circle of pastry on top; gently form pastry down around your little Tday filling, crimp edges of pastry and bake on sheet tray lined with parchment paper (or spray nonstick coating) brush with a little egg wash if you like and then bake at 400 for 8-12 minutes until dark golden brown.

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