Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pure Food

I would like to thank Chef Kelli from Pure Food 2U for featuring me in her customer correspondence last week and promoting this blog and my e-cookbooks!  Each month she will be adding new e-cookbooks to her ordering page please check them out (pun intended).   If you live in the Pure Food delivery area be sure to check out her awesome Pure Food 2U organic meal delivery service!
Chef Kelli is my mentor and very close friend.  She taught me how to cook and how to eat.  She was my instructor at culinary school and mentored me at her catering company 2 Unique.  I continue to learn from her everyday as we write and teach cooking classes together for Schoolcraft College CES program (next class March 31, How About Brunch?).  I did however get the chance to teach her a little something today; I showed her how to start a blog!
Learning to "cook" from her was very exciting but learning to "eat" is what change my life! Soon after having my son over 11 years ago I began to have joint pain, headaches and stomach issues.  Chef Kelli told me to "clean up my diet".  I said "I eat good food" she said "do you eat pure food"?  I didn't understand-all carrots are the same right?  She taught me about eating grass fed meat, wild caught seafood, organic produce and free range eggs.  Basically not all foods are created equal.  Grass fed cows graze in fields (the food nature made for them), get sunshine (vitamin D) and roam around with their cow friends (their natural workout routine).  All of these factors contribute to healthier happier animals and better meat!  I learned you are what you eat and what they eat!  Whenever possible eat animals, fruit, vegetables and grains that grow in nature.  Simply put Mother Nature doesn't make mistakes.  So next time you go to grab a bite ask yourself; Who made this? Man or Mother Nature?

Eating Mother Nature's bounty can be expensive.  If you can only make one change start with proteins. Animals are at the top of the food chain and what they eat and how they live matters!  If you only eat organic produce but your beef comes from cows who eat substandard food you are eating it too! Resources can be found at Local Harvest. Foods do not have to be organic to be good.  Talk to local farmers and ask them what they feed their animals and how they care for them.  Same goes for produce.  Farmer's Markets will be popping up everywhere soon take advantage or all the great food they have to offer!

Have a great week and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer!!!  She's the best chef in town!!!

Chef Jackie

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